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About the Department

Electronics is the branch of study that has revolutionized the lifestyle of humanity. It is a pacesetter and a prime mover behind the transition to a technological society. The field of Electronics and Communication Engineering encompasses all areas of human life. Radio, television, telephones, computers, automobiles, office machinery & household appliances, life-saving medical equipments & space vehicles, etc., represent a mere sample in the wide spectrum of Electronics & Communication. In the age of satellite-transmitted television and transcontinental computer network, the challenges & opportunities in this profession continue to mushroom.

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was started in the year 2009. It is a full-fledged academic department for emerging ECE engineers. The B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering program was duly approved by the AICTE and affiliated to JNTU, Hyderabad. An intake of 180 seats.

The Department is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) in the year 2018.

PG Programme, M.Tech with specialization in VLSI & Embedded system Engineering was started in the year 2013 with an intake of 18. All faculty are having a minimum teaching experience of 4 years. The department has spacious laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment for various laboratories. Seminars, Guest Lectures, Workshops, and Technical Symposia are conducted in the department to keep faculty and students updated with the latest developments in various technologies. The department is committed to providing students the opportunity to embark on a rewarding and exciting learning journey in preparation for a future career.

Department is making exhilarating progress in areas ranging from microelectronics, mobile communications to VLSI Design Automation. Students draw the expertise and knowledge of our faculty by interacting with them in classrooms & Laboratories. The team approach is very warm in the Department of ECE.


S.No Batch Roll No Name of the Student
22018-22187Z1A0445K ABHISHEK
32017-21177Z1A0474PAILLA SWETHA
42016-20167Z1A0480SOGI DEEPIKA
52015-19157Z1A0486SAI POOJA
62014-18147Z1A0402B MOUNIKA
72013-17137Z1A0460N. NAGA SRAVYA
82012-16127Z1A0469Md HEENA BEGUM
92011-15117Z1A0427Ch. SAI SRINIVAS
102010-14107Z1A0420K. ARUNA
112009-13097Z1A0434P.SANTOSH KUMAR


II-Year-I Semester (2023-24)
Roll No Name SGPA
227Z1A04C6PALLAVI V9.65
227Z1A04C7P MANISHA9.50
III-Year-I Semester (2023-24)
Roll No Name SGPA
217Z1A0482R ROHINI9.27
227Z5A0469R SHRUTHI9.27
227Z5A0472S PAVAN KALYAN9.18
217Z1A0417CH SAHITHI8.82
IV-Year-I Semester (2023-24)
Roll No Name SGPA
217Z5A0423V TEJASVI8.86
207Z1A04C7T POOJA8.81
217Z5A0405C SNEHA8.67

II-Year-II Semester (2022-23)
Roll No Name SGPA
227Z5A0472S PAVAN KALYAN9.19
227Z5A0454M SHIVANI8.86
227Z5A0478T NIKHITHA8.86
217Z1A0499Y BHARGAVI8.81
217Z1A04A3B AJAY REDDY8.81
227Z5A0469R SHRUTHI8.81
III-Year-II Semester (2022-23)
Roll No Name SGPA
207Z1A0431C AKHILA7.73
IV-Year-II Semester (2019-23)
Roll No Name CGPA
197Z1A0489P NIKITHA8.29
197Z1A0483P KEERTHI8.28
197Z1A0447K AMULYA8.22