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Our digital library alludes at the usage of latest technology for the prosperity of the students. We provide access to a large number of journals over the World Wide Web, which cater the students by offering them with incredible knowledge.

The Attributes

Our digital library is unique and exemplary in its own attributes, which has proved perfect for the thousands of students and staff of our college. To start with, 25 P4 Systems serve the purpose of terminals to surf through a wide catalogue of 500+ journals & magazines of National and International standards. A highly efficient server is used to connect the systems to the cyberspace star, using a blazing internet speed of 100 Mbps.

Services Offered

The digital library offers various services, which perform an eminent role in enlightening the students.

1. E-Journals

The Following E-Journals are offered in the digital library to extend the horizons of knowledge of our students and faculty fraternity.

2. E-Books:

  2. NNRG

3. Internet & Intranet

The P4 Systems coupled with 100 Mbps connectivity are a viable source for accomplishing the internet and intranet requirements.

4. E-Mail Services

Students can access various e-mail services, like Quick Mail Search, etc. through the dedicated systems provided by us.

5. Reference

The availability of numerous educational and academic files enables the students to refer them to understand the subjects thoroughly.


  • To use the digital library, students should carry the identity cards without fail.
  • The belongings should be stored in the property counter, and no text books or bags are allowed into the library. However, a notebook is permitted to take the required notes.
  • The gate registers must be signed by the students and staff before entering into the digital library.
  • Utmost silence should be maintained in this premium hub of knowledge.
  • All the digital library properties must be used with great responsibility, because they are maintained to cater the needs of hundreds of students and staff members.