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The department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in the year 2009. The growth of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering is taking strides in strength and in facilities every year.

The Department offers a four-year course of Bachelor's Degree (B.Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering with an intake of 180 seats.

The Department is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) in the year 2018.

The Department is known for its reputed faculty having expertise in diverse fields. The students are primarily trained here to leverage computer software and hardware efficiently to provide them with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. The students of the department actively participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Tech Samuuhah is an informal association of students and faculty of CSE. It conducts various technical events to benefit students in academic and technical skills.

Department tailors industry required computer professionals to bridge the technological gap between Academia and Industry. It instigates the latest innovations in new era of the world of computer science and faculty enthusiastically involves in imparting programming roots of various technologies. Computer science and engineering comprises a total of seven computer labs with more than 400 high-end systems with software’s recommended by JNTUH and AICTE. UG & PG students are enforced to practice all the lab sessions in LINUX environment.

The teaching staff members are dedicated and determined to learn new things and never hesitate to give their best all the time. Department has 6 computer centers for UG students and 1 Elite Research and Development center apart from labs provided for other branches. All the computers in computer centers are connected via LAN. The Department collaborated with premier IT Industries for providing Internships, Guest Lectures and Workshops on Cutting Edge Technologies to the students. The department enforced association with professional societies like IEEE, CSI, ISTE, etc.


S.No Batch Roll No Name of the Student CGPA/Percentage
1 2017-21 177Z1A0533 J Anusha 8.22
2 2016-20 167Z1A0571 M. Sushmitha 8.41
3 2015-19 157Z1A0546 G. Meghana 74.97%
4 2014-18 147Z1A0507 K. Navya Reddy 70.7%
5 2013-17 137Z1A05B2 V. Sarika 76.38%
6 2012-16 127Z1A0562 P. Sai Reetika 79.98%
7 2011-15 117Z1A0576 P. Ashwini 80.55%
8 2010-14 107Z1A0589 R. Meena 80.88%
9 2009-13 097Z1A0536 N. Vinay Reddy 79.1%


II-Year-I Semester
Roll No Name SGPA
207Z1A0510B D S V Prakash9.30
207Z1A05H2Urelli Preethi9.30
207Z1A0560Jai Kishan Gehlot9.20
207Z1A05H1Tummidi Jyothirmai9.20
207Z1A0553G Reethika Reddy9.00
III-Year-I Semester
Roll No Name SGPA
197Z1A0571K Jayasree8.45
197Z1A0540D Ankitha8.45
197Z1A0518B Sainath8.18
197Z1A0521B Geeta Sree8.18
197Z1A0522Bhoomika M8.18
IV-Year-II Semester
Roll No Name SGPA
187Z1A0510A Keerthi Bharathi8.50
187Z1A0518Billapati Lavanya8.50
187Z1A0540Ginjala Sreeja Reddy8.50
187Z1A0543Goulikar Akhila8.50