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TASK is an initiative of Institute for Electronic Governance (IEG) of the Department of IT&E, Govt. of Telangana to promote interaction between industry, institute and government. TASK aims to impart employable skills and industry grade skills to the engineering and MCA students, particularly of rural background and also provides employment opportunities.

To promote the Industry Education Government interaction. Simultaneously, offering employable skills to students and producing quality workforce to the industry who are job ready.

To increase the awareness on opportunities available in industry and on skills required to tap those opportunities.

NNRG was given STAR status in 2015, since inception NNRG is actively participating in all the programs conducted by TASK.

The TASK Star status is given to the best performing TASK Colleges in terms of infrastructure, commitment, placements and assessment. TASK Star status of the college is reviewed regularly based on commitment of the college, infrastructure provided and support given.

IEG – TASK would send IT Associates to train TASK Students for two sessions/week. They will also train TASK Students for Certifications like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, MES etc. All the registered institutions would become a part of the MOUs between TASK and its various industrial partners.

Faculties of the registered institution would get chance to participate in several industrial workshops to be organized by IEG– TASK with its industrial partners.

Registered students of these institutions would get the opportunities to participate in the campus recruitment events organizing by IEG – TASK.

Each TASK registered student will be given with an online account on TASK portal to check their profile, access the online content(Arithmetic, Aptitude, Reasoning, Communication Skills, Soft Skills etc.,), to give online assessment tests, get the updates with respect to recruitment events. IEG – TASK would organize the workshops on aptitude and soft skills from time to time at TASK registered college upon their request for the benefit of TASK registered student.IEG – TASK would conduct the online assessments on aptitude, technical as well as soft skills from time to time which allows the TASK registered student to assess themselves and work on their drawbacks.

They would get complete waiver / discounted price towards Certifications fees as applicable to ORACLE, Microsoft, IBM, MES etc. Students can participate in the career counseling workshops, Seminars, Competitions etc organized by IEG –TASK or supported by TASK. TASK Colleges can request for workshops on Soft Skills (1 to 2 days) twice in the Semester & IEG – TASK will organize these with help of a team from Hyderabad.


  •   TASK has conducted a student orientation programme for 3rd & 4th year students on 8th Sep’15 to make them aware of programs scheduled for 2015-16 academic year and their benefits.
  •   TASK has conducted one day PoP training on 23rd Sep’15 which covered module -1: Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Personal Values.