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7 seminar halls and 1 auditorium, which cater space, comfort and eminent features, are provided in our campus. The auditorium’s seating capacity is incredible, and it can house 500 occupants, making it viable for organizing grand events. They are the perfect venues for hosting an array of programs, which has been held true during numerous occasions. The following attributes of them are bound to impress the students to the core.


They feature oodles of space, which do not make the audience feel packed at any point of time. Our students appreciate the roominess, since they retain freshness even after spending hours in them.

Comfortable seating:

The seating provided in them feels quite plush, and it gratifies the occupants with utmost comfort.

LCD Screen:

They feature LCD screens to enable the audience with a clear view of the cultural and technical programs.


Projectors are arranged to conduct the events pertaining to academics, like paper presentation, seminars, etc.

Crystal clear sound system:

Excellent sound systems are equipped to cast liveliness to the programs hosted in them.

The advanced seminar halls and auditorium offered at our campus are a treat to the students, as they are subjected to exemplary fun and excitement during their stay in the college.