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Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana State and one of the metro cities in India, is well known throughout the world. Due to the excellent performance in the IT and Pharmaceutical sectors, it has gained impeccable prominence in the global arena.

The city features a rich heritage, which dates back to centuries ago. The fine Hindu and Muslim cultures are evident in the entire region, including the wonderful glimpses of the Nizam era.

The climate here is typical Indian, with summers being hot and winters with low temperatures. But the rain fall ranges from very low to moderate, due to the presence of the semi-arid climate. However, the specialty of Hyderabad is the occurrence of cool evenings even in the hot summers, making it the best place to live in any season.

People here have a special preference to the education, and they like to earn various educational qualifications. Hence the education sector is quite strong in the city, and various globally reputed educational institutions have forayed for the same reason. It also houses many universities, engineering colleges, medical colleges, fashion and hotel management institutions and colleges, and many more. The quality of education is quite high here, enabling the students to earn excellent ranks in the exams conducted throughout the country. It is definitely the best place to pursue education in any stream.

Regarding the employment, the city offers huge job prospects for the people throughout the country. Hence, many people from different states are present here, for employment purpose. The IT and Pharmaceutical sectors occupy the top positions, while the Electronics, Medical, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Hotel Management, Fashion and other sectors follow the lead. Huge number of global companies and big research organizations, like DRDO, are operating in Hyderabad.

Due to the presence of excellent educational, employment and city life aspects, Hyderabad is touted as the best place in the country to live, pursue education or do job.