NNRG believes that a better interaction between Industry and Institution is the need of the hour, to get exposure of the students to Industry for becoming our Engineers roadworthy and for gainful employment with the advent of globalization and expansion of the Indian Economy outside the world in the light of the commitment of the India to develop Science and Technology as a key instrument in the National Development.

Keeping in view the urgent need of the interaction of the Industry and academics where Academic institutes can prepare the students for employment opportunities in the Multi-National Companies, NNRG has developed the Industry-Institute Interaction programme. On the other hand, the Industries will also be benefitted by the possibility of receiving well trained work force. In this direction, to bridge the gap between the Industry and Academic Institute, the NNRG has established an Industry-Institution Interaction cell in 2015 with the following objectives:

  • To cultivate strong Industry linkage with the Institute.
  • To Promote various Industrial activities by the Members of the Faculty and Students.
  • To catalyze further Growth and Development of the Interaction between the Institute and Industry.
  • To develop close relations to promote Research and Development activities to suit to the needs of the Industries and to have effective consultancy services between Industry and Institute.
  • To provide opportunities to the students to get Internships in the Industries to have work-on-hand practical knowledge for professional advancement.
  • To create an Industrial Chair in the Institution to enable to visit the Industry Resource persons as visiting Faculty to the Institution.
  • To bring about MoUs and Agreements with various top most Industries and Research Organizations in the field of Engineering, Pharmacy and Management for the benefit of the Faculty and students.
  • To utilize the State-of-the-art facilities available in the Institution for the better Industry linkage.


  • Industrial Research and Consultancy.
  • Industrial Testing (Proofing and Calibration).
  • Use of Industrial Labs and equipment by the Institution.
  • Use of the specialized database/lab equipment of the Institution.
  • Internships to the students
  • Research Guidance from time to time in various disciplines from the Industry work force.
  • Joint Research Publications to strengthen the R & D Activities.
  • Utilization of the sophisticated lab equipment/Machinery of the Institution and Industry on reciprocal basis.


S.No Date Event Name of the Guest/Organising Institute Photo
1 25-Jun-16 TITA - Telangana Yuva Nirman 1)  PRATAP BOJJAM , Vice President
2)  KIRAN JETTY , Vice Chairman , Telangana Yuva Nirman
3)  Raj Kishore , VICE PRESIDENT , NDLM
4)  Vivek Boddam – Secretary , IT Professionals Wing
5)  Srinivas Bhusarapu , IRDAI
6)  Ramesh Podishetti , TITA Executive Member