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Telangana is a newly formed Indian State, after its bifurcation from the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. The State has excellent educational, financial and employment resources, mainly in the form of its capital city, Hyderabad.

This region has its share of ups and downs from centuries, while its golden era dates back to the Kakatiya rule in the 11th to 14th centuries. From then, various rulers took control of this place, but the most effective one was Nizam. This rule had led to various changes in the society, and the glimpses are found in plenty even today.

The climate of Telangana State is akin to the typical climatic conditions found in India. But, owing to the semi-arid climate, the rain fall is somewhat lower than the other counterpart states in the country. Generally, the climatic conditions here suit anyone from any part of the country, and this state is definitely the comfortable place to move.

Education takes the forefront here than any other aspect, and the people here like to pursue higher education, particularly the technical courses. Hyderabad is the main center for education here, featuring thousands of reputable and world class universities, colleges and institutes, while the districts like Khammam, Warangal, etc. also offer excellent facilities for education.

Regarding employment, Hyderabad is the king in this aspect, as it provides the majority of job prospects for the people throughout the country. Industries like computers, pharmaceuticals, electronics, medical, etc. are very strong in the region and millions of job roles are offered by the numerous companies in these sectors. The other parts of Telangana feature a good number of chemical and agro based industries, and many other industries are present too. So, the career prospects are excellent in the Telangana State, and it is definitely the place to check out for pursuing education or employment for the people of India and Foreign Countries.

Telangana is a nice State to settle down, build excellent future and live happily.