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The ability to progress in the globalized world and in life would be nearly impossible without communication skills. Public speaking is one of the most important and most dreaded forms of communication and Glossophobia (speech anxiety), is the most common fear where students have across the globe to avoid this among our students and professionals, NNRG’S Elite Gathering serve as a platform to make Public speaking as one of the most vital skill to have and to hone which has enormous impact on ones career path. This gathering is organized for all the NNRGIANS once in the month in the Assembly point.


  •    To build the confidence and interest in the students and teachers to speak in the target language English.
  •    To enable them to enhance communication skills and public speaking skills with the creative thought process.
  •    It’s a platform for all to practice and communicate without any inhibitions.
  •    To impart industry-specific skills needed in students.
  •    Enhance personal, professional and public skills.
  •    Improves speech rehearsal techniques, planning and delivering a speech and speaking strategies.
  •    Improve organization of ideas, persuasive/informative speaking, credibility, and extemporaneous delivery.
  •    Helps to reduce public speaking anxiety, increase performance, and ultimately help students to receive the best possible support to communicate with confidence.


S.No.Name of the Convener/MemberDesignationNature
1Dr. I.Sirisha Associate Professor,H&S Convener
2 Dr.Maria Asst.Prof., H&S Member
3 Ms.T.Swetha Asst.Prof., ME Member
4 Ms.Ch.Ramya Asst. Prof., CSE Member
5 Mr.N Uma Maheswar Asst. Prof., EEE Member
6 Ms.M.Vijaya Asst. Prof., Civil Member
7 Mr.S.Sreenivas Rao Asst. Prof., ECE Member
8 Mr.Prashanth Asst. Prof., MBA Member


S.No Date Topic Student Participated Photographs Activity Report
1 25-11-2023 1. The power of youth voters on democracy
2. Impact of War on Humanity
S. Satwika Sai
Syeed Majeed
M. Nikitha Reddy
Kapil Goud
Sai Ram
D. Raghu Chandra Kiran
K. Shashi Kumar
B. Revanth
Constitution a living Document View Report
S.No Date Topic Student Participated Photographs Activity Report
1 26-11-2019 1.Constitution a living Document
2. Youth and Social Media
Ms.B.Geetha Sree I-CSE A
Ms.D.Vaishnavi I-CSE A
Mr.T.Sreedhar I-CSE C
Mr.V.Suhaas Reddy I-CSE C
Mr.J Krishna Sai Radesh I-CSE B
Ms.Nikitha Sharma I-ECE B
Ms.Vidhathri Joshi I- ECE C
Mr.Dhruthik Raj I- ECE C
Ms.B.Anuhya I E CE A
Ms.Sindhuja (anchor) I-CSE A
Constitution a living Document View Report
2 30-10-2019 1. Unity is Strength
2.Can Technology Change our lives
J.Sharath III EEE
N.Sarika III ECE
V.Raja I MBA
D.Ankitha I CSE A
P.Karthik I CSE C
Sheik Nadeem Sameer III ECE
B.Rama Devi II MBA
A.Ramesh III ECE
Unity is Strength & Can Technology Change our lives View Report
3 01-10-2019 Non Violent methods compare to 21st century leadership styles? Mr.Pranav I-CSE A
Ms.Supraja I-CSE A
Mr.Prashanth III-ME
Mr.Keithan I-CSE B
Ms.Lakshmi I- Pharmacy
Ms.Keerthi I-ECE B
Mr.Viranjan I- Pharmacy
Mr.Kiran I- Pharmacy
Ms.Sravya II CE
Mr. Roopesh III- Pharmacy
4 29-08-2019 Physical activity raises Self esteem and Confidence Levels Mr.E.Akash I-CSE
Ms.V.Sravani III- Pharmacy
Ms. Pushpa III-EEE
Mr.Sridhar I-ECE
Ms.V.Srija II- CE
Ms.Akshaya I-ECE
Mr.Rupesh III- Pharmacy
Ms. Rithika I CSE
Ms.Sindhuja I CSE
Mr.Rajesh Gowd III- ME
Mr.Haricharan I-ECE
Ms.Annapurna III-EEE
Mr.Sucharan I-CSE
Ms.Akshitha II- CE
S.No Date Topic Student Participated Photographs Activity Report
1 12.04.2019 Importance of Team work & Dr.BR Ambedkar Mr. Chethan Assistant Prof
Mr.Prashant Assistant Prof MBA
Mr. Kumar Chandra Assistant Prof MECH
Yash Das - II CSE
Rohith Singh - I CE
Kavya - Ill CIVIL
Oeeksha - I CSE
Avanthika - I ECE
Sindhu - I ECE
Rohith - I ECE
Shravya Anchor - I CE
View Report
2 26.03.2019 Memories take us back, dreams take us forward. View Report
3 21-2-2019 Education is a Modern day industry Ms.Sinduja Assistant Prof - CE
Mr.Kurmaiah Assistant Prof - ECE
Mr. Sreekanth Assistant Prof - EEE
Ms.Sindhu - PHARMACY
Mr.Praveen - I CSE
MS.Nirosha - III CSE
Mr.Aravind - III CSE
Ms. Avanthika - I ECE
Ms.Sindhu - I ECE
Mr.Rohith - I ECE
View Report
4 05-10-2018 Yoga A GIFT TO Present World by India Suchit - ECE I
Sam - ECE IV
Nikitha - ECE IV
Raaju - ECE IV
T.Ashok - ECE I B
Abhinav - ECE I B
K.Sai Rakesh - ECE I A
K.Swetha - CSE IB
View Report
5 20-09-2018 Technology- really core strength of the nation Geethika - CSE II
Haripriya - ECE I
Kavya - CE I
Priyanka - MBA I
Deeksha - CSE I
Pavani - MBA I
Shiva - MBA I
View Report
6 27-07-2018 Indian Sports stars from rural back ground are truly inspiring Nikitha - ECE IV
Raaju - ECE IV
T.Ashok - ECE I B
Abhinav - ECE I B
K.Sai Rakesh - ECE I A
K.Swetha - CSE IB
View Report
S.No Date Topic Student Participated Photographs Activity Report
1 23rd JAN 2018 Indian Martyrs (fallen but not forgotten). View Report
2 31st Oct 2017 How to strengthen the unity in diversity of India View Report
3 12-10-17 Women in Sports Past&Present View Report
4 29-08-2017 GST & its impact on common man View Report