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We have affiliations with the reputable educational bodies, and recognition from the authority sources. Due to the exemplary educational services of us, we are able to garner the likes of the top most universities and statutory bodies.

For holding the cards high in the educational sector, we offer extraordinary features, in addition to the excellent teaching staff. By joining us, the students excel in the academics at the foremost, and become proficient in the much needed skills, like communication, research, body language, etc. We provide every required amenity, for encouraging the students to prosper in the academics.

Due to the provision of the impeccable features, we are regarded as the high quality education provider, and the following affiliations and recognitions we got clarify the same.


We are affiliated to JNTU Hyderabad, to offer high quality standards in engineering education. The university is widely known for the impeccable standards and high set guidelines, and this makes the affiliated colleges to render excellent educational services to the students.

In this regard, we always excel the expectations of the university, and bestow superior features to the students, which has earned us many appreciations.


We got the approval of AICTE, New Delhi, which is only possible by putting up an extraordinary effort. The statutory body had scrutinized our college, and offered the approval, only when they found out that we surpass their requirements by a big margin. This approval is itself an honor to us, because we have even trumped the stringent requirements in providing engineering education, and offered the students with great educational services.


We have the approval from the apex body Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi. The Pharmacy education and profession in India up to post graduate level is regulated by the Pharmacy Council of India, a statutory body governed by the provisions of the Pharmacy Act, 1948 passed by the Parliament. PCI regulates the Pharmacy Education in the country for the purpose of registration as a Pharmacist under the Pharmacy Act. PCI also regulates Profession and Practice of Pharmacy.


The effort we had put into planning our engineering college, and the unique and effective features to be offered, had gained the interest of the govt. Of Telangana, and they had recognized us as an engineering college in the region, facilitating us to impart astounding educational values.