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Internet with 100 Mbps speed is offered throughout the day across our campus. Since we provide 24/7 internet, our students can focus on the studies without any interruption, and they can follow the digital files and e-learning videos seamlessly. Also, this feature is very useful for them to handle the project works efficiently, since they are never out of internet connectivity at any point of time in the campus.

The internet connection we provide at our campus is very fast and it lets the students access the internet without any lag. They can also enjoy the formidable download and upload speeds, which are good for performing various academic related activities.

Our wireless internet connection has good signal strength all over the campus, providing internet access to the students at every nook and corner of the college premises.

We offer the high speed 24/7 internet throughout our campus, so that our students face no issue in their academic preparations, and excel in the studies.