Bachelors Degree B.Tech R18


S. No. Course Code Course Title L T P Credits
1EE301ESEngineering Mechanics 3104
2EE302PCElectrical Circuit Analysis3104
3EE303PCAnalog Electronics 3003
4EE304PCElectrical Machines - I 3104
5EE305PCElectromagnetic Fields 3003
6EE306PC Electrical Machines Lab - I 0021
7EE307PC Analog Electronics Lab 0021
8EE308PCElectrical Circuits Lab 0021
9*MC309 Gender Sensitization Lab 0020
  Total Credits153821


S. No. Course Code Course Title L T P Credits
1MA401BSLaplace Transforms, Numerical Methods & Complex variables3104
2EE402PC Electrical Machines - II 3104
3EE403PC Digital Electronics 3003
4EE404PC Control Systems 3104
5EE405PCPower System - I3003
6EE406PCDigital Electronics Lab 0021
7EE407PC Electrical Machines Lab - II 0021
8EE408PC Control Systems Lab0021
9 *MC409 Constitution of India 3000
  Total Credits183621

Bachelors Degree B.Tech R16


S. No. Course Code Course Title L T P Credits
1EE501PC Electrical Measurements & Instrumentation 4104
2EE502PC Power Systems - II 4104
3EI503PC Microprocessors and Microcontrollers 4104
4SM504MSFundamentals of Management 3003
5 Open Elective - I 3003
6EE505PC Electrical Measurements & Instrumentation Lab0032
7EE506PCBasic Electrical simulation Lab 0032
8EI507PCMicroprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab 0032
9*MC500HS Professional Ethics 3000
  Total Credits213924


S. No. Course Code Course Title L T P Credits
1EE601PCPower Systems Analysis 4104
2EE602PCPower Electronics4104
3EE603PCSwitch Gear and Protection 4104
4 Open Elective - II 3003
5 Professional Elective - I 3003
 EM611PEComputer Organization    
 EE612PELinear Systems Analysis    
 EE613PELinear and Digital IC Applications    
 EE614PEElectrical and Electronics Instrumentation    
6EE604PCPower Systems Lab 0032
7EE605PC Power Electronics Lab 0032
8EN606HSAdvanced English Communication Skills Lab 0032
  Total Credits183924

Bachelors Degree B.Tech R16


S. No. Course Code Course Title L T P Credits
1EE701PCPower Semiconductor Drives 4104
2EE702PC Power System Operation and control 4104
3 Professional Elective - II 3003
 EE721PEDigital Signal Processing    
 EE722PEDigital Control Systems    
 ET721PE VLSI Design    
 EE724PEProgrammable Logic Controllers    
4 Professional Elective - III 3003
 EE731PEHVDC Transmission    
 EE732PEReliability Engineering    
 EE733PEOptimization Techniques    
 EE734PE Utilization of Electric Power    
5 Professional Elective - IV 3003
 EE741PESwitch Mode Power Supplies    
 EE742PEArtificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems    
 EE743PEElectrical Distribution Systems    
 EE744PEHigh Voltage Engineering    
6EE703PCElectrical Systems Simulation Lab 0032
7EE704PCElectrical Workshop 0032
8EE705PCIndustry Oriented Mini Project 0032
9EE706PCSeminar 0021
  Total Credits1721124


S. No. Course Code Course Title L T P Credits
1 Open Elective - III 3003
2 Professional Elective-V3003
 EE851PE Smart Electric Grid    
 EE852PESolar Photovoltaic Systems    
 EE853PEModern Power Electronics    
 EE854PESpecial Machines    
3  Professional Elective-VI 3003
5EE862PEEmbedded Systems    
6EE863PEPower Quality    
7EE864PEEHV AC Transmission Systems    
8EE801PCMajor Project 003015
  Total Credits903024

Postgraduate Degree M.Tech R17


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