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Qualification M.Tech, Ph.D.
Institution Joining Date -
E-mail Id hod.eee@nnrg.edu.in
Teaching Experience 14 Years
Area of Specialization Power Electronics,Soft computing
Working Experience
Research Publications
    An Assessment Of Potential Windmills Using Image Processing And Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Based Wind Speed Estimation’, Elsevier International Conference on Processing Of Materials, Minerals And Energy (July 29th, 30th) 2016.

    Implementation of CV and VVD for High Speed Communication Application’, Elsevier Materials Today: Proceedings.

    Design and Control of SR Drive System Using ANFIS’, IEEE International Conference On Electrical, Electronics, And Optimization Techniques (ICEEOT) – 2016.

    High Speed Charging and Discharging Current Controller Circuit to Reduce Back EMF by Nero-fuzzy Logic ‘, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER), vol. 9, no.22, 2014.

    Rotor position of switched reluctance motor using sensor less method’, Journal of theoretical and applied information technology (JTAIT), vol. 70, no.2, 2014.

    Identification and Elimination of Faults Occurrence in sub-systems by using Resistance Switching for Linear Loads through Distribution STATCOM (D-STATCOM), International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology (IJAST), Vol.57, August, 2013.

    Modeling and Control of Single Link Manipulators for Flexible Operation by using Linearization Techniques International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology (JCET) ISSN 2277 – 4106 © 2013 INPRESSCO.

    FLC based Speed Control of SR Motor with Neural Network based Rotor-Angle Estimation, CiiT International Journal of Programmable Device Circuits and Systems, ISSN 0974 – 9624.

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    Analysis of detecting fault probability using variable linear load resistance Switching (VLLR) TECHNIQE in power distribution network, International Journal of scientific and engineering research (IJSER), and volume 4, issue 5,may- 2013.

    BLDC Drive Control using Artificial Intelligence Technique, International Journal Of Computer Applications (IJCA) (0975 – 8887) Volume 118 – No. 4, May 2015.

    Speed Vector Control (FOC) of Induction Motor using Artificial Neural Networks International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research ISSN 2249-9954, volume 4,Mar-Apr 2015.

    Power Quality Enhancement by Using Distributed Power Flow Controller (DPFC) International Review of Electrical Engineering (IREE), (Accepted).

    Speed control of SR Drive using FLC, International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing (IJGDC),(SERSC) Science & Engineering Research Support Society, Republic of Korea , ISSN: 2005-4262, Dec-2015, vol 9, no6.

    Regenerative Mode of Charging Capability with Power Factor Correction and Speed Control using Current Source Converter for SRM Drive”, International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology, ISSN: 1738-9968, (SERSC) Science & Engineering Research Support Society, Republic of Korea Dec2015.

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    Scalar Control of Induction Motor using ANN, Control of Induction Motor with ANN, international daily journal Discovery publications, 2015, 47, 127-134.

    Sensorless vector control of induction motor using Artificial Intelligence Technique, international daily journal Discovery publications, 2015, 47.

    Transmission congestion voltage profile management in long transmission Lines Using UPFC with Fuzzy Logic Controller, International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) Volume 2, Issue 8 November 2015.
FDP and Workshops
  • A Navigation and information assistive Spectacle,201741024458A .