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OBJECTIVE ⇨ The Language Laboratory focuses computer-aided multi-media instruction and language acquisition
⇨ Interactive Communication Skills Laboratory is an elevating tool in learning important language skills through technology in the present generation.
⇨ ELCS Lab helps students discover the astonishing power of the English language. The strategy of the lab is to provide wide range of learning opportunities for the students besides creating interest and enthusiasm towards learning the objectives.
⇨ This lab helps the students to acquire strategic competence to use both spoken & written language in a wide range.
⇨ It plays a pivotal role in developing the four skills of English language among the students of Engineering and Technology.


OBJECTIVE ⇒ As Physics Subject is the first step for technical education, its practical knowledge help students to explore the technical world and supports most of the engineering streams; Engineering Physics Laboratory serves the need of the student in acquiring technical knowledge.
⇨ The basic focus of the Engineering Physics Laboratory is to develop scientific temper and encourage students to innovate in diverse technical areas for better understanding of technical and engineering problems. Engineering Physics Laboratory enables the budding engineers to practically understand the fundamentals of the theory through a vast range of experiments. Experiments are conducted in the laboratory with the aim of making the budding engineers effectively use mathematical, scientific, and modern engineering tools. Apart from the basic experiments, a separate dark room is established for performing Newton rings experiment, diffraction grating and other laser optics related experiments.


OBJECTIVE This Lab focuses on using multi-media instruction for language development to meet the following targets:
⇨To improve the students’ fluency in English, through a well-developed vocabulary and enable them to listen to English spoken at normal conversational speed by educated English speakers and respond appropriately in different socio-cultural and professional contexts.
⇨Further, they would be required to communicate their ideas relevantly and coherently in writing.
⇨To prepare all the students for their placements.


OBJECTIVE ⇨Chemistry is considered the basic science from which all Engineering branches have evolved. Chemistry is an excellent way to help technical students to understand the relationship between science and technology. Chemistry is one subject which gives a adequate knowledge about the application involved in the aerospace, Civil Mechanical, Environmental and other Engineering fields. Knowledge of chemistry plays a vital role in engineering profession enabling the potential engineers to understand and to perform successfully while working on multidisciplinary tasks. it is imperative for every literate to have an understanding of the environmental hazards leading to the development of eco-friendly technologies. Experimental work plays a very important role in becoming successful entrepreneurs.
⇨The lab is provided with continuous supply of water for washing and chemical distillations. All the tables have Bunsen burner gas flame facility for heating or boiling. The chemicals used are of analytical and guaranteed grade reagents. An all glass water distillation set up is available for the continuous n-house supply of distilled water through the distilled water plant. The lab is equipped for analysis water, cement, limestone; steel, determination of various properties of fuels like Viscosity, Surface Tension etc. The chemical is fully geared with equipment’s such as conductivity meter, potentiometer, Calorimeter, Viscometer & Stalagmometer. The lab is having specialized facilities such as ovens, funnels, filtration, digital balance etc. For the preparation and synthesis of rubbers and polymers etc. For the safety and environmental cleanliness, the lab has fume cupboards and exhaust facilities to provide chemical vapour free working atmosphere for the students.
⇨The Demonstrator to student’s ratio in the lab is maintained at 1:15 and the lab groups are planned at 30 each. The students in the lab are given assignments under the vigilant guidance and support of two faculty members, one Laboratory Assistant & one laboratory attendant.


OBJECTIVE The objective of Engineering workshop is to provide the basic concepts about tools used in WORKSHOP. Detailed concepts are Given in different trades like Fitting , Carpentry etc


OBJECTIVE ⇨To impart and inculcate proper understanding of the theory of projection.
⇨To improve the visualization skills.
⇨To enable the students with various concepts like dimensioning, conventions and standards related to working drawings in order to become professionally efficient.
⇨To impart the knowledge on understanding and drawing of simple residential/officebuildings.


OBJECTIVE ⇨To work with an IDE to create, edit, compile, run and debug programs.
⇨To analyze the various steps in program development.
⇨ To develop programs to solve basic problems by understanding basic concepts in C like operators, control statements etc.
⇨To develop modular, reusable and readable C Programs using the concepts like functions, arrays etc.
⇨To Write programs using the Dynamic Memory Allocation concept.
⇨To create, read from and write to text and binary files.


⇨To analyze a given network by applying various electrical laws and network theorems
⇨To know the response of electrical circuits for different excitations

⇨To calculate, measure and know the relation between basic electrical parameters.
⇨To analyze the performance characteristics of DC and AC electrical machines