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Frequently Asked Questions-

Why is NNRG the best college of basic science and humanities in Hyderabad?

NNRG is ranked as the best college of basic science and humanities in Hyderabad because of its highly-qualified faculties with their areas of specialization and effective teaching techniques for the growth of its students.

The students are exposed to a number of opportunities like industry visits, guest lectures and workshops. In addition, co-curricular activities complement the curriculum and help the students develop their inner talents and creativity.

What are the placement opportunities for the department of humanities and social sciences students in NNRG?

The department of humanities and social sciences bags a guaranteed path after the completion of their course. The placement opportunities are vast and the placement record of NNRG follows a tradition of excellence wherein our students have successfully gone on to work in top organisations of the country and worldwide.

NNRG provides 100% placement assistance and conducts various placement and training programs and activities to ensure our students are placed in their dream companies.

What is unique about the Humanities and Science Programme at NNRG?

The unique aspect of the college of basic science and humanities is that apart from its future-forward curriculum, it helps the student to become an adaptable graduate by helping him or her develop a number of skills for diverse career paths, including research, evaluation, analytical, and communication skills.


S.No Batch Roll No Name of the Student CGPA/Percentage
1 2017-21 177Z1A0533 J Anusha 8.22
2 2016-20 167Z1A0571 M. Sushmitha 8.41
3 2015-19 157Z1A0546 G. Meghana 74.97%
4 2014-18 147Z1A0507 K. Navya Reddy 70.7%
5 2013-17 137Z1A05B2 V. Sarika 76.38%
6 2012-16 127Z1A0562 P. Sai Reetika 79.98%
7 2011-15 117Z1A0576 P. Ashwini 80.55%
8 2010-14 107Z1A0589 R. Meena 80.88%
9 2009-13 097Z1A0536 N. Vinay Reddy 79.1%


II-Year-I Semester
Roll No Name SGPA
207Z1A0510B D S V Prakash9.30
207Z1A05H2Urelli Preethi9.30
207Z1A0560Jai Kishan Gehlot9.20
207Z1A05H1Tummidi Jyothirmai9.20
207Z1A0553G Reethika Reddy9.00
III-Year-I Semester
Roll No Name SGPA
197Z1A0571K Jayasree8.45
197Z1A0540D Ankitha8.45
197Z1A0518B Sainath8.18
197Z1A0521B Geeta Sree8.18
197Z1A0522Bhoomika M8.18
IV-Year-II Semester
Roll No Name SGPA
187Z1A0510A Keerthi Bharathi8.50
187Z1A0518Billapati Lavanya8.50
187Z1A0540Ginjala Sreeja Reddy8.50
187Z1A0543Goulikar Akhila8.50