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Perspective Plan

    1. Enhancing the quality of Teaching and Learning

      Encouraging bottom-up initiatives from the faculty members, setting them in a favorable learning and teaching environment, providing effective support and stimulating reflection on the role of teaching in the learning process and thereby contribute to quality teaching.

      A balance between technical aspects of quality support
      i) Development of course evaluation questionnaires
      ii) Fundamental issues such as assessing the added value of the teaching initiatives in Achieving Curriculum objectives.
      iii) Exploring the correlation among inputs, processes and outcomes of programmes.

      Support for quality teaching initiatives
      i) Institution-wide and quality assurance policies: To develop a quality culture at Institutional level, like policy design, and support to organization and internal quality assurance systems.
      ii) Programmes monitoring: Including actions to measure the design, content and delivery of the programmes.
      iii) Teaching and learning support:
        a. Initiatives targeting the teachers on the teaching side, the students on the learning side and both on the work environment.
        b. Continuing education for faculty.
        c. Pedagogy enhancement.
        d. Student support mentoring and career advice.
       e. Support for student learning focused on inputs, such as the introduction of new pedagogical tools, or on outputs, such as the development of certain abilities for the students.

    2. Initiatives being taken to get research funding projects from various Agencies.

    •   To create ecosystem in the institute for research and provide platform to the faculty and students for R & D activities.
    •   Encouraging faculty members to undertake the research work and research publications.
    •   Fostering students to attend conferences, workshops, internships, undertake the project of research orientation, publish their research etc.,
    •   Inviting experts and eminent persons on research, committee for evaluating progress of research activities is in the departments.
    •   Taking efforts and initiations to undertake sponsored research projects.

    3. To establish the research centers in 50% departments of the Institution.

    4. Quality Assurance Measures

    •   To attain NAAC Accreditation with A+ Grade
    •   NBA Accreditation for all the Programmes
    •   ISO certification
    •   Participating in NIRF
    •   Quality improvement through Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

    5. To be obtained UGC Autonomous status

    6. To be retained 60% of PhD qualified faculty in all programmes

    7. Improving industry interaction, internal revenue generation, alumni Interaction, entrepreneurship and social responsibility initiatives.

    8. To provide Quality Placements to all Students