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Dr.T.Ravindra Reddy
Dean – School of Management Sciences


Dr.T.Ravindra Reddy, Dean, School of Management Sciences is an eminent professor and hard worker who always seeks quality in education and ensures quality and standards to make the students perfect in their field. He obtained his Ph.D from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Kakatiya University, Warangal, Master of Commerce and Bachelor of Commerce from Sri Krishnadevaraya University. Ananthapur. He completed 20 years of service in teaching and research. During his long and varied experience he worked as Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor and Head in reputed colleges like Osmania College, Kurnool, Lakki Reddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering, Mylavaram, Priyadarshini College of Engineering and Technology, Nellore.

Dr.Reddy has authored a text book and he has published 20 research papers in national and international journals and presented 17 papers in national and international conferences. He has organized various workshops and seminars in management discipline.

Reach at deansoms@nnrg.edu.in

DEAN's Message

Management is not just about the facts, but also about insight into the facts as well as the ability to engage others and develop creative business and organizational solutions to the complex problems. Today’s business world is more dynamic and in the dynamic market place everyone should enhance their skill and knowledge continuously to deal with ever-changing needs of the stakeholder. Management graduates are sought to bring in new ideas and business practices to empower the business.

SMS is committed to high quality teaching and stimulating multidisciplinary environment to develop international curiosity for its students. We encourage our students to develop a positive, motivated, enthusiastic and forward looking attitude. We adopt wide-ranging instructional methods to enhance their skills in critical thinking, research, analysis, innovative thinking and communication to improve their personal qualities to meet the requirements of the ever-changing and complex nature of local and global business environment. SMS lays tremendous stress on the inculcation of ethics, values and good governance skills in the students to make them good citizens for society.