Why Pharmacy @ NNRG

The NNRG School of Pharmacy bestows supreme educational standards, because we believe in the motto, “Build a better nation through quality education”.  A range of features are accessible in our campus, which foster the students to advance in the academics.

Our students experience a glorious educational environment in the campus. Even, reaching the college is an easy affair, due to the location’s close proximity to the Hyderabad city. Once the students enter into the campus, there is a whole new world awaiting for them, which encourages them to unleash the pharmaceutical talents by nurturing the creative and logical sections of their brains.

Our teaching staff with tremendous potentials, takes the charge of heading the School of Pharmacy in the most prosperous direction, by broadening the skills of the students. Imminent classroom teaching sessions are offered to enlighten the minds of our students with a wide array of pharmaceutical aspects. The vivid coaching provided by our lecturers can strengthen the thinking capabilities and abilities of the students in the pharmacy sector. Their incredible experience, qualifications and dedication can guide the students to reach the pinnacles of success in their careers.

Also, the availability of state-of-art laboratories in the campus is a boon for the students. Since we maintain advanced lab equipment and support personnel, students can try their hands in performing several experiments, which only leads to the development of their practical skills. And, they are also encouraged to participate in various research endeavors, so that they can think innovatively and work on different aspects related to the sector. Due to the phenomenal experience gained in these sessions, they can tackle different job roles with aplomb in the real conditions.

Along with the academic pursuits, we emphasize on the development of skills of the students, by organizing numerous workshops, seminars, training sessions, etc. They are also offered with GPAT guidance, so that they can earn good ranks in this prestigious national level exam. In addition to these events, we also mentor the students regularly, and provide them with highly effective placement training sessions. In fact, it is the crucial reason for the 100% campus placements in our college, leading to incredible employment prospects for our students.

We also cast a fair importance on the physical fitness of the students and extra curricular activities in the campus. Therefore, large grounds with greenery are provided, to support them for playing various games and sports in the serene locations.

Life at NNRG School of Pharmacy is truly enticing and exhilarating, securing a bright future for the students, and enabling them to reach the towering heights of success in their careers.

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