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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at NNRG offers a highly competitive B. Tech and M.Tech program. The four year program leading to a B. Tech degree builds strong foundations in all traditional areas of Computer Science and Engineering. In addition the choice of electives offers the freedom for one to specialize in one or more areas of Computer Science and Engineering. The state of art curriculum promotes independent thinking and learning at an individual’s pace. There is great emphasis on hands-on training and design as part of course projects. The department strives to provide state of art infrastructure and facilities to our undergraduate students where they bring their project and research ideas to fruition. The department has taken up the challenge to attract best faculty in all areas of Computer Science and Engineering. We plan to continue building on the initial momentum and to attract the best students and the faculty over the coming years.

The Computer Science and Engineering majorly give students access to multidisciplinary problems with a focus on total systems engineering. Students will learn the computer science principles that are critical to development of software, hardware and networking of computer systems.

From that background, engineering concepts and methods are added to give students exposure to circuit design, network design and digital signal processing. Elements of engineering practice include the systems view, manufacturing and economic issues, and multi-disciplinary engineering applications.

This program is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of computer science, both hardware and software, and the application of engineering concepts, techniques and methods to both computer systems engineering and software system design.

Graduates of the program will

Establish a productive Computer Science and Engineering career in industry, government, or academia;

Engage in professional practice of computer systems engineering and software systems engineering;

Promote the development of innovative systems and solutions using hardware and software integration;

Promote design, research, and implementation of products and services in the field of Computer Science and Engineering through strong communication, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills.

Computer Science is an exciting, growing, challenging field that has impact in most aspects of everyday life. These areas include medicine, communications, auotomotive technology, weather forcasting, entertainment, mining, pharmacology, forensics, manufacturing, disaster recovery, security, law, business. For practically any area you can think of there is an application of computer technology. Yet there are still many new computer applications to be discovered and implemented in that area, and you could be involved in that exciting endeavor and service to humanity.

It’s incredibly diverse

Yes, it’s not just about desktop PCs. Even within the more mainstream computing industry, there’s a huge range of career options, through programming, database management, networking and desktop support. But graduates from computing/IT are also prepared to specialise in far wider areas of interest. Computer technology affects nearly everything now!

You can often earn while you study

Go freelance! You’ll start picking up key skills from the word ‘Go’ in computing. So set yourself up in your local area as IT support, web development, or whatever else you gain the skills for while studying. It’s a nice money maker, it’s super flexible because YOU set the hours, and you’ll get much needed practice in your course skills!

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