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NNRG sports & games

NNRG is not confined to academics; our endeavor is to aid in the overall development and achievements of our students. This includes physical fitness, mental ability, team spirit and the discipline required to work towards a goal. That’s where our extensive sports facilities come into picture as our greatest asset; we encourage our students to pursue excellence in their chosen sports, providing them with the infrastructural facilities, environment and guidance in an elite manner.

S.NoFaculty NameDesignation
1P Vijayender ReddyPhysical Director
2U. RaviAssistant Physical Director
3S. RupenderAssistant Physical Director

Sports Facilities

The sports infrastructure comprises facilities for indoor and outdoor games. There are well-maintained outdoor fields for  athletics Track & field  with Gallery; Badminton Court; Teni  Coit,Basket Ball Court; Cricket (outfield & net Field); Foot Ball Field; Kabaddi Court; Kho-Kho Court; Volley Ball Court; and so on.

Indoor Games :

We have an indoor stadium built for Table tennis, Chess and Caroms.

Table Tennis (Men & Women)

Caroms(Men & Women)

Chess (Men & Women)

Annual Sports Activities

Participation in Extramural Competitions :

Students are encouraged to participate in Inter-College, University level and other States and National Tournaments and bring laurels to the Institution. The outstanding sports students are permitted to take part in All India Inter University Tournaments, State and National Championship. Special coaching camps are organized for Track and Field , Badminton, Basket Ball, Cricket, Foot Ball,Kabaddi, Kho – Kho, Table Tennis,Throw Ball, Volley Ball, and coaching are also given by experts every year.

Intramural Competitions and College Annual Sports Meet :

College will encourage students to participate in Intramural competitions on different Indoor and

Conveniences provided :

Special coaching by experts is provided to our students to excel in competitions.

Bus facilities and the needed help is provided for practice in the evenings.

Outstanding sports performers are given awards and rewards during the sports day celebrations.

Special attention has been given to spot out and develop the sports talents of our students.



Participated in ABVP Naipunya Tournament 2015-16 on 24th to 27th September the events are Cricket (M), Kho-Kho (M) and secured 1st place in Kho-kho.

Participated in CVSR sports fest On 9th & 10th October 2015 the events are Throwball (W), Basketball(M), Volleyball(M), Kabaddi (M&W),Football(M), Cricket(M), Chess(M), Carroms(M),T.T (M&W), Shuttle badminton(M&W).

Participated in inter university Kabaddi selection for men on 11th October 2015 at JNTU-H Kukatpally.

Participated in inter university Vollyeball selection for men on 13th and 14th October 2015 at JNTU-H Kukatpally.

Participated in CVSR spots fest On 17th October 2014 the events are Throw ball (W), Basketball (M), Volleyball (M & W), kabaddi (M), Football, T.T (M & W)

Participated inter University selections kabaddi & Kho-Kho (W) 10th October 2014, P. Upendra of ECE IV year M.G. Harathi ECE IV Year is selected for Kho-kho.

Participated in inter university basketball selections for men on 15th November 2014. Rakshith kumar ofcivil III year is selected.

Participated in JNTU – H ZONE ‘D’ Cricket & Football tournament, organized by VBIT Eng college on 5th and 6th march 2015.

Participated in Inter university Volleyball selections. S.R. Rama Krishna chary of CSE IV year is selected.

Participated in JNTU – H Central Zone Kabaddi (M) tournament organized by SRIST eng college NALGONDA. Secure second place.

Participated in JNTU- H Central Zone Chess Tournament organized by CES Eng college Sulthanpur K.Rohith of ECE III year secured second place

Participated in JNTU-H Zone ‘D’ Organized by SPOORTHY Eng college on 8th to 10th April 2015 events are volleyball (M&W), Basketball, T.T singles (M&W), T.T Doubles (M& W) Throwball. Secured 1st place in Throwball, 2nd place in Volleyball (W), 1st place in T.T(W) Doubles, 2nd place in T.T(M) doubles

Participated in JNTU-H Central Zone Kho-Kho(M), at JNTU-H Kukatpally

Participated in JNTU-H Central Zone organized by MGIT Eng college on 15th & 16th April 2015. Throwball (W), Volleyball (W), T.T. Doubles (M&W)

Participated in ABVP-2013 Kabaddi  Tournament  and secured 2nd place organised by ABVP,Osmania University.

Participated in Scient Engg.College, Sports Fest Throw Ball Tournament.

Participated in JNTU-H Zone “D”Cricket  Tournament organised by VBIT.

Participated In JNTU-H Zone “D”Volley Ball,Throwball,Basketball,Table TENNIS&BADMINTON and  Secured 2nd place in  THROW BALL and  2nd place in Table Tennis Singles(Women)organised by ST.MARY ENG COLLAGE on 4th & 5th feb 2014.

Participated in JNTU-H CENTRAL ZONE KABADDI  Tournament for (MEN & WOMEN)


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