School of Management Sciences


QualificationM.B.A., Ph.D.
Email Id:rreddymba@rediffmail.com, deansoms@nnrg.edu.in
Teaching Experience (in Years)20 years
Education Information Ph.D (Management) - Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. March - 2013.
M.B.A - Kakatiya University, Warangal. May - 1997
M.COM - Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Anantapur ,July - 2002
B.COM - Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Anantapur, May - 1994
Area of SpecializationMARKETING & FINANCE
Subjects handled1.Financial Accounting for Managers
2.Cost and Management Accounting
3.Accounting and Financial Management
4.Management Control Systems
5.Marketing Management
6.Production and operations Management
7. Strategic Management
8.Management Science
9.Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis

Presented number of articles at National / International seminars

1.Morale of Lecturers and the impact on Higher Education and Productivity, NAAC and TSCHE sponsored National conference on Innovative practices in teaching, learning and evaluation, organized by A.V.College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Hyderabad on 6th Feb, 2018.

2. “Investor Behaviour on Mutual funds-a study with reference to Nellore city,A.P”, UGC sponsored national seminar on marketing of Financial Services. Dept of Commerce, S.V.University, Tirupati, A.P.18-19, March-2017.

3. “Consumer behavior towards retail outlets with particular reference to Nellore city,AP”, UGC sponsored national seminar on Service quality & customer relationship Management in 21st Century. Dept of Commerce, S.V.University, Tirupati, A.P.22-23, March-2016.

4. “Incentivized Mobile advertising and Consumers Attitude”, UGC sponsored national seminar on Innovations in Management. Dept of Management, S.K.University, Anathapur, A.P.29-30, November-2015.

5. “Micro Finance on socio economic empowerment of rural women in chittoor rural”, UGC sponsored national seminar on Problems and prospects of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises in India. Dept of Commerce, S.V.University, Tirupati, A.P.22-23, March-2014.

6. “Quality Management in Indian Higher Education-Application of Deming’s principles”, UGC sponsored National seminar on Service Sector and Quality Management in India. Dept of Business Management,Yogi Vemana University,Kadapa,A.P 21st-22nd Feb,2014.

7. “Micro Finance on Socio-Economic Empowerment of Rural Women-A Comparative Study of Tribal and Other Social Group Women at Chittoor District Rural Area”, UGC sponsored National seminar on the Status of Tribal Women in India; Issues, Challenges and Strategies for Empowerment. Dept of Sociology and Social Work, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur,A.P 7Th – 8th February 2014.

8. “Retailers’ Efforts on Green Marketing practices in India”. A.P State Pollution Board Sponsored National Seminar on Climate change: Strategies for Sustainable Environment. Dept of Social Work Vikrama Simhapuri University, Nellore, A.P. on 20th July,2011.

9.“Mobile Advertising in India- A study with selected retail outlets in Nellore Dt., A.P”, UGC sponsored National seminar on Innovative Management practices. Dept of Business Admn, Annamalai university on 10th March,2011.

10.“Total Quality Management in Education- Application of Deming’s Principles”, UGC sponsored National seminar on Innovative Management practices. Dept of Business Admn, Annamalai university on 10th March,2011.

11.“A study on level of opinion and prospects of mobile advertising”, AICTE Sponsored National Conference on Digital Marketing. Dept of Management StudiesEaswari Engineering College,Chennai, on 12th Oct,2010

12.“Total Quality management in Education”, ICSSR Sponsored National Seminar on TQM:Major Areas of Concern. Dept of Business Mangt, Vikrama Simhapuri University,Nellore on 25th September,2010

13.“Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction – A Study with Indusind Bank, Nellore”, AICTE sponsored National conference programme on customer oriented services management. Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad, held on 5th &6th March 2009

14.“Recent Scenario of Outsourcing World”, International Seminar on “Management Challenges in the Era of Global Recession”. Sengunthar Institute of Management Studies, Tiruchengode, Tamilnadu on 10th Feb 2009.

15.“Risk Management – A case study on mineral water firms in Kurnool (A.P)”, Emerging trends in Financial Management. Dept of Management studies, Adhiyaman College of Engg, Hosur, Tamilnadu .27-01-2006

16.“Micro Finance – A new strategy for eradication of poverty”, Emerging trends in Financial Management. Dept of Management studies, Adhiyaman College of Engineering, Hosur, Tamilnadu.27-01-2006

17.“Globalization = Industrial revolution + service revolution WTO Impact on Indian Agricultural Sector”, WTO, India and Emerging Areas of Trade. Indian institute of Management (IIM), Kozhikode, Kerala. 21st and 22nd April 2006.

Dr.Ravindra Reddy Tamidela & Dr.Rajyalakshmi Nittala titled “Indian Consumers’ Attitude towards SMS Advertising” Lambert Academic Publishing House, Germany, 2013.ISBN-978-3-659-39776-9.
1.Morale of Lecturers and the impact on Higher Education and Productivity, Innovative practices in teaching, learning and evaluation, International journal of research culture society, special issue-4, 6th Feb 2018, ISSN-24566683, pp-5-11.

2.Dr.T.Ravindra Reddy and Dr.P.Chakrapani, Customers attitude towards retail outlets, A study in Nellore city, Andhra Pradesh, Asian Journal of Multidimensional(AJMR) Research, ISSN-2278-4853 volume-6, issue-12,December,2017.

3.T.Ravindra Reddy and Dr. Rajyalakshmi Nittala “A Study on Indian Consumers Attitude towards Incentivised SMS Advertising through Mobile Phones”- Excel International Journal of Multidisciplinary Management Studies (EIJMMS) - ISSN No- 2249-8834., Voume-2, Issue-4, April, 2012.

4.T.Ravindra Reddy and Dr. Rajyalakshmi Nittala, “A study on Indian Consumer’s Attitude towards SMS Advertising through Mobile Phones” Inter National Journal of Business Management, Volume 1, Issue 1, December 2011, ISSN No- 2231-5470. A Journal of International Repute by Centre for Promotion of Multidisciplinary Research (CPMR), New Delhi.
National Journals
1.Dr.T.Ravindra Reddy “Consumers’ attitude towards SMS advertising A study in Nellore City, A.P. India”, Gitam Journal of Management, Visakhapatnam, Apl-June, 2015 Issue. ISSN-0972-740X.
2.Dr.T.Ravindra Reddy & Dr.N.Rajyalakshmi, “Consumers’ attitude towards SMS advertising In Nellore City, A.P. A Factor Analysis approach”, Gitam Journal of Management, Visakhapatnam, Jan-Mar, 2015 Issue. ISSN-0972-740X.
3.Dr.T.Ravindra Reddy “Impact of Microfinance on Socio Economic Empowerment of Rural Women with particular reference to Chittor Dist Rural area, A.P.”, Journal of Organisational Management, Palaghat Management Association, Palakkad, Kerala, Jan-March 2014. ISSN-0975-699X.
4.Dr.T.Ravindra Reddy “Consmuers’ attitude towards Incentivised SMS advertising In Nellore Town, A.P.”, Journal of Organisational Management, Palaghat Management Association, Palakkad, Kerala, Oct-Dec, 2013 Issue. ISSN-0975-699X.
5.T.Ravindra Reddy & Dr.J.V.Balasubramanian, “Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour About Non-Durable Products: A Study Of Urban And Rural Consumers’ At Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh”, Journal of Organisational Management Palaghat Management Association, Palakkad, Kerala, Apr-June 2012 Issue. ISSN-0975-699X.
6.T.Ravindra Reddy &Dr.J.V.Balasubramanian, “Employee and Internal Marketing Success or Failure of Product”, Indian Economic Panorama, New Delhi, Vol-20, and No: 1, April, 2010.
7.T.Ravindra Reddy, Dr.J.V.Balasubramanian, and P. Chakrapani, “Outsourcing world – recent Scenario”, Indian Economic Panorama, New Delhi, Vol: 19, No.4, Jan 2010.

8.T.Ravindra Reddy & Dr.J.V.Balasubramanian, & Mansoor Rahman, “Emerging Trends in Micro Finance- A New Strategy for Eradication of Poverty”. Indian Economic Panorama, New Delhi, Vol: 19, No.3A, Dec 2009.
Published In Books with ISBN Number

1. Consumer behavior towards retail outlets with particular reference to Nellore city, Andhra Pradesh., Selp Publisher, First edition-2016, ISBN-9789380509853.
2. Micro Finance on socio economic empowerment of rural women in Chittoor rural. Selp Publisher, First edition Aug-2016, pp-91-101,ISBN-9789380509846.
3. Total Quality management in Education-Application of Deming’s Principles, “Total Quality Management”, Sonali Publisher,pp-203-208, ISBN-9788184113778, 2011.
4. Mobile Advertising in India-A study with selected Retail out lets in Nellore D.T.,A.P, “Innovative Management Practices”, Archers & Elevators Publishing House,Bangaluru,ISBN-9788192030395,2011.
5. Total Quality management in Education, “Innovative Management Practices, Archers & Elevators Publishing House, Bangalore, ISBN-9788192030395, 2011.
6. A Study on Level of Opinion and Prospects of Mobile Advertising, “Digital Marketing, CBA Publishers, 2011. ISBN-9788180430010.
7. Impact of WTO on Indian Agricultural Sector, “WTO, India and Emerging Areas of Trade Challenges and Strategies, Excel Books, New Delhi, ISBN-9788174465931, 2008
Faculty Name:Dr. P. GOPINADH RAO
Qualification:M.Com, M.B.A., L.L.B., P.G.D.F.M.T., L.I.I.I., Ph.D.
E-mail Id:gopi_nadhrao@yahoo.com
Teaching Experience16 years Teaching
Previous Working Experience:2 years industry
Education Information:I . Ph.D From Kakatiya University.
II .L.I.I.I. From Insurance Institute of India.
III. M.B.A.From KakatiyaUniversity .
IV. L.L.B. From KakatiyaUniversity .
V. P.G.D.F.M.T From Andhra Pradesh Productivity Council (A.P.P.C.) .
VI. M.Com.From KakatiyaUniversity.
VII. B.Com From KakatiyaUniversity .

Subject Handled1.Financial Accountancy
2.Financial Management
3.Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
4.Financial Derivatives
5.Business Laws
6.Total Quality Management
7.Strategic Management
8.Cost and Management Accountancy
9.Production and Operation Management.
10.Managerial Economics and Financial Accountancy
11.Managerial Science
12.Income tax
13.Business Environment
14.International Financial Management
Papers Published1.“A Study on volatility of shares in Information Technology sector International Journal of Decision Making in Management ISSN NO: 2319 – 6793, 2016, Joint Paper.
2.Technical analysis - A study on select IT stocks” International Journal of decision making in Management ISSN No: 2319-6793, Volume 2, Issue 3, July – September 2013, 43 – 52. Joint paper
3.Z Score Analysis – A Study of Bankruptcy of Select IT Companies” International Journal of decision making in Management, volume 1, Issue 2, October – December 2012, ISSN No: 2319-6793, pp 5-11. Joint paper
4.”Gold Rush – Some interesting facts” , International Journal of Technology and Management, ISSN 2319-6815, Volume 2, July – September 2013, pp 32 – 37. Joint paper
5.Ganesh Mandap – Management skills” The Balajian, ISSN 0975 – 2811, Volume 3, Issue 2 April – June 2013. Pp 1 -3, joint paper
6.“State of Micro Finance in India” Published in ‘Prakarsha’, June 2007. 82 - 89 joint paper
7. ‘Leager”, Published in NHRD January - 08 Edition. Joint paper
Conferences / Seminars Attended:1. “Marketing Management & Research Methodology” work shop cum Seminar Organised by Chaitanya Post Graduate College, Warangal, April 2001.

2. “Role of Higher Education in National Building – Contribution of Teachers” a national seminar on “Quality Enhancement and Sustenance in Higher Education” organized by Karnataka State Women’s University, Karnataka, August 7 , 2015.
Training Sessions Attended:1. Training on ‘Research Methods in Business’ in A.K.College of Engineering, Anand Nagar, Krishnankoil, Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu, 2004.

2. Training on “Self Management and Emotional Intelligence – A course for all B School Faculty” in T.A.Pai Management Institute, Manipal, Karnataka. Oct. 2004.

3. Training on “1st Orientation Course” for N.S.S. Program Officers by Empanelled Training Institute, National Service Scheme, Osmania University, Hyderabad, Telangana.March, 2015.
Training Sessions Conducted:1. “Interview Skills” at Mother Theresa P.G. College, Hyderabad (2007 August)
2. “Presentation Skills” at Bharathi Degree College. Warangal (2008).
3. “ Planning for Future”, A.P.Model School, Bollaram, Secunderabad.
February 2015.
Projects Guided:Nearly 150 MBA Projects.
M Narsing Rao
QualificationMBA, M.Com (Ph.d)
Email Id:narsingmba@gmail.com
Teaching Experience (in Years)11 years
Education InformationI) M. Com from University of Commerce and Business Management OU Campus under OU in 2009.

II) MBA from Guru Nank Engineering College under JNTUH in 2007.

III) B.Com from Haindavi Degree & P.G Collge under OU in 2005.
Area of SpecializationFinance and Marketing
Subjects handledI) Financial Accounting

II) Managerial Economics

III) Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis

IV) Management Fundamentals

V) Organizational Behavior

VI) Business Law and Regulations

VII) Statistical Data Analysis

VIII) Business Environment

IX) Financial Management

X) Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions

XI) Management Information system

XII) Marketing Management

XIII) Business Ethics & Corporate Governance

XIV) Annual Report Analysis

XV) Production & Operation Management

XVI) Strategic Management

XVII) Entrepreneurship

XVIII) Sales and Distribution

XIX) Consumer Behavior

XX) Retailing Management

XXI) Cost & Management Accounting

XXII) Security Analysis and Portfolio

XXIII) Management

XXIV) Financial Institutions, Markets & Services

XXV) Strategic Investment and

XXVI) Financing Decisions

XXVII) International Financial Management

XXVIII) Financial Derivatives

XXIX) Enterprise Resource Planning.

XXX)Business research methodology
Papers Published/Conferences / Seminars attended

1. National Conference on Indian Financial Services- a way head at University College of Commerce and Business Management Osmania University, Hyderabad, Telangana, India on 16 & 17th Feb 2018. My Presentation topic is Technical Analysis of Tata Consultancy Services Limited in Indian Equity Market- a Study

2. National Conferenceon Innovative Practices in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation at A.V College Hyderabad on 6th Feb 2018. My Presentation topic is Innovations in Indian Higher Education System.

3.Two-Day National SeminaronInvestment Opportunities andChallenges in Telangana StateFebruary 21st & 22nd, 2017 at Telangana University Nizamabad. My Presentation topic is InvestmentOppturnties& Challenges for Entrepreneurs -A Select Study to Telangana Region.

4. National Seminar on Fraudulent Financial Practices in Indian Capital Market - Issues And Concerns to be held at Osmania University on 30 & 31 August 2016. My Presentation topic is “Performance of Information Technology Companies in Stock Market a Select Study”.

5. National Seminar on Quality Education: Emerging Trends and Challenges for 21st Century at Telangana University Nizamabad to be held during 18 & 19 August 2016. My Presentation topic is “Restructure Indian Higher Education System”.

6. International Conference on Challenges and Emerging trends in Management and Technology at Hyderabad on 12thDec-2015. “A Study on Investor Behavior towards IT Shares inIndia Stock Market”

7. National Conference at OU campus at UCCBM on Derivatives. My Paper Presentation on Opportunities & Challenges in Commodity Derivatives market in India.

8. National Conference at JNTU Hyderabad on Behavioral Finance. My Paper Presentation topic is Investor Behavior towards IT Industry in stock market selected.

9. National Conference at JNTU- Hyderabad on Retailing in India. My Presentation topic is FDI in Indian Retail Sector: Issues & Challenges published in Excel Books ISBN: 978-93-5062-330-5

10. National Conference Sponsored byAICTE at Mother P.G College my presentation topic is “A Study on Foreign Direct Investment Impact on Retail Sector” 25 & 26th April – 2013.

11.International Conference at VIT University – Vellore, Tamil Naidu on” Emerging Markets & issues in Management” Paper Presented topic is “A Study on Risk & ReturnAnalysis on foreign investment in Retail Sector India” 19 & 20th April-2013. Published & ISSN:

12. National Conference atCBIT Paper Presented & Published at “A Study on Customer Perception services towards Public & Private Bank Services on Feb-2013. Published in LORVEN Publications ISBN: 978- 81-907052-9-5

13. National Conference Paper Presented on “Foreign Direct Investment in India with special focus on retail trade” at Telangana University on Jan-2013.

14.National Conference Paper Presented in “Contemporary Issues on Leadership topic” Leadership in OrganizationDevelopment” at Aristotle PG College on 10th May, 2010.

15.National Conference Paper Presented in Synergy-2005 Program “Interactive Learning Methodologies” By Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, and Dec 2005.
Workshops, FDP & Research Methodology Programs

1. Faculty Development Program me on “Effective Research and Project funding” organized by MBA Department, St. Martin’s Engineering College on January 20th, 2018.

2. Faculty Development Program on Investment Management in Global scenario organized by Department of commerce and Management PragatiMahavidyalaya Degree &P.G College on 26th Sep-2015.

3.One day Workshop on “Financial Inclusion and Entrepreneurship Opportunities for SC & STs”” organized by Department of Commerce, Osmania University on 29th April-2015.

4.“ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT” Workshop Program at National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. NSIC on 7th December, 2011.

5. Faculty Development Program “Scaling up of Management Faculty –contemporary methods” at Hyderabad Management Association on 11th November, 2011.

6. Workshop on “Researching Skills for Management Teachers” at Guru Nank Institutions Campus on 17th December, 2011.

7.Faculty Development Program “Ideal Teacher for Ideal nation “at Rama Krishna Math, Lower Tank Bund Hyderabad on 9th September, 2016.

8.Two Days workshop on Indian Financial Market at Karvy Stock Broking Limited, Banjara Hills Hyderabad on 24&25th March,2017.
. Publications

1. International Journal of Business Quantitative Economics and Applied Research management with ISSN: 2349-5677(online Journal) Volume 2 Issue Dec-2015. My topic is “A Study on Investor Behavior towards IT Shares inIndia Stock Market”

2. International Journal of Research Culture Society with ISSN: 2456-6683(Online Journal) Issue Feb-2018. My topic is Innovative Practices in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
Projects GuidedI) Guided Finance Projects for each semester to 20 students, around 150 MBA Students with Finance Specialization,

II) 20 Students of Marketing Specialization
I) Telangana Commerce Association (Membership No 310)
II) All India Management Association

III) International Society for Commerce & Management Studies

IV) Indian society for management educators

V) Association of Management Professional

VI) Accounting professionals a subgroup of Finance Club
Any Industry Experience

I) 2 years Experience as an Accounting & Administration worked in Institute of Chartered Accountant of India.

II) 1 year Experience as a Sales Development Manager in HDFC Standard Life Insurance at Ranigunj Hyderabad & 1.5 years Experience Asst.Manager in Citi Finance at Hyderabad.
Suresh Kumar Nayak, Associate Professor
Designation:Associate Professor
Email Id:sknayak19@gmail.com
Teaching Experience (in Years)7 Years
Previous working xperience4 Years
Education InformationI) MBA, Department of Management Studies Pass Out From NIT, Trichy

II) M.Com, Faculty of Commerce Pass Out From BHU, Varanasi
Area of SpecializationFinance and Data Analytics
Subjects handledI) Operation Research

II) Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

III) Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis
Papers PublishedThree (Two in National conference and one in international conference)
Conferences / Seminars attendedFive
Projects Guided30+
Any Industry Experience4 years
L.Srikanth, Assistant Professor
Email Id:srikanth.lankasari90gmail.com
Teaching Experience (in Years)4years 8 months
Education InformationI) MBA pass out from Basaveshwara Institue Of Information And Technology in 2012 with First division

II) B.com pass out from Badruka College Of Commerce in 2010 with First division
Area of SpecializationFinance Sand H.R
Subjects handledI) Financial Accounting Analysis

II) Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

III) Performance Management

IV) Compensation and Reward Management

V) Managerial Economics And Financial Analysis

VI) Management Science
Projects GuidedMore Than 5 For Semester
A SUDHEER, Assistant Professor
QualificationMBA, B.Tech
Email Id:sudheeraloori@gmail.com
Teaching Experience (in Years)6.6 Yrs
Previous working Experience1.4 Yrs
Education InformationI) MBA Pass out from Aristotle PG College Under O.U In 2011.

II) B.Tech Pass out from Bandari Srinivas Institute of Technology Under JNTUH In 2009 .
Area of SpecializationHR & Marketing
Subjects handledI) Research Methodology and statistical Analysis

II) Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions

III) Production and Operations Management

IV) Management Science

V) Services Marketing

VI) Consumer Behavior

VII) Sales & Distribution Management

VIII) Management of Technology

IX) Recruitment and Selection

X) Training and Development
Conferences / Seminars attendedOne Day National Seminar On Financial Inclusion And Entrepreneurship Opportunities For Sc & Sts Organized By Dalit Indian Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (DICCI)
Projects GuidedMore Than 5 For Semester
K.Srikanth, Assistant Professor
QualificationB- Tech, MBA
Email Id:srikanth4u07@gmail.com
Teaching Experience (in Years)7 Years
Previous working Experience1yr 6 months Asst. Prof.
Scient Institute of Techonlogy and Sciences
Ibrahimpatnam, R.R. Dist
Education InformationI) MBApass out from Olive Pg College under O.U in 2010.

II) B.TECH pass out from Madhira Institute Of Technology And Science under JNTUH in 2007.
Area of SpecializationHuman Resources and Marketing
Subjects handledI) Human Resources Management

II) International Marketing

III) Strategic Management

IV) Managerial Economics

V) Training and Development

VII) Production and Operations Management

VIII) Management Information Systems

IX) Management Industrial Relations

X) Management of Change

XI) Managerial Economics

XII) Business Law and Regulations

XIII) Compensation and Reward Management

XIV) Entrepreneurship and Good Governance

XV) Management Science
Conferences / Seminars attended
One Day National Seminar On Financial Inclusion And Entrepreneurship Opportunities For Sc & Sts Organized By Dalit Indian Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (Dicci)
DATE: 29/04/2015
Projects GuidedMore Than 5 For Semester
B. Rajender Goud, Assistant Professor
QualificationMBA, UGC-NET Lectureship
Email Id:rajenderb.24@gmail.com
Teaching Experience (in Years)11
Education InformationI) MBA from Osmania University

II) B.Sc from Osmania University

Area of Specialization Marketing
Subjects handled

I) Management and Organizational Behaviour
II) Business Law and Environment
III) Research for Marketing Decisions
IV) Management Information system
V) Marketing Management
VI) Strategic Management
VII) Sales and Distribution
VIII) Consumer Behaviour
IX) Retailing Management
X) Enterprise Resource Planning

XI) International Marketing

XII) Business Process Re engineering

XIII) Total Quality Management

XIV) Product and Brand Management

XV) Promotion and Distribution Management

XVI) Supply Chain Management

XVII) Services Marketing

XVIII) Integrated Marketing Communication

XIX) E-Commerce
Projects Guided Guided Students of Marketing Specialization
Any Industry Experience 3 years as Junior Executive Operations in Ashok Leyland Finance Limited.
Jahangeer Kota, Assistant Professor
Jahangeer Kota
QualificationMBA (Finance)
Email Id:kotajahangeer@gmail.com
Education InformationI) PG MBA (Finance) pass out from JNTUH in 2013

II) UG: B.Com pass out under OU in 2006
Area of SpecializationFinance
Subjects handledFinancial Management
Sangem Rajkumar , Assistant Professor
Sangem Rajkumar
QualificationMBA (HR)
Email Id:sangemraj@gmail.com
Teaching Experience (in Years)4 years
Previous working Experience20 years
Education InformationMBA (HR) Pass out From Kakathiya Universityn, Warangal.
Area of SpecializationHR
Subjects handledI) HRM

II) Management Fundamentals

III) Industrial Management

IV) Enrolment Science
Any Industry Experience20 yrs. In India Air force
Faculty Name:CH.SUSMITHA
Qualification:BSc(Computers), MBA (Finance-HR)
E-mail Id:chickyreddy@gmail.com
Education Information:I) MBA with specialization Finance-HR at Basaveshwara Institute Of Information Technology, Barkathpura , Hyderabad.

II) BSc(Computers) in the stream of MPCs at Chaitanya Degree College,Hanamkonda.

 j divya
Faculty Name:K . DIVYA
Qualification:BSc(Computers), MBA (Finance-HR)
E-mail Id:reddydivya470@gmail.com
Education Information:I) MBA with specialization Finance-HR at Aurora P.G College, Ramanthapur , Hyderabad.

II) BSc(Computers) in the stream of MSCs at ST.Pious X Degree & P.G college , Nacharam, R.R Dist.

Faculty Name:B.PREETHI
Qualification:BSc(Computers), MBA (Finance-Marketing)
E-mail Id:reddypreethi81@gmail.com
Education Information:I) MBA with specialization Finance-Marketing at OU , Hyderabad.

II) BSc(Computers) Under S.K.U , Kurnool.
D. Prathyusha
QualificationBsc, MBA( HR and Marketing)
Email Id:prathyusha.reddy29@gmail.com
Teaching Experience (in Years)6 Years
Education Information I) MBA from Aurora’s Engineering College under JNTUH in 2009
II) B.Sc from Vasundhara Womens Degree College under OU in 2007
Area of SpecializationHR and Marketing
Subjects handledi) Managerial Economics
ii) Management Fundamentals
iii) Organizational Behavior
iv) Business Environment
v) Marketing Management
vi) Production & Operation Management
vii) Strategic Management
viii) Entrepreneurship
ix) Consumer Behavior
x) Retailing Management
xi) Enterprise Resource Planning
xii) Human Resource Planning
xiii) Industrial Management
xiv) Strategic Human Resource Management
QualificationBCom, MBA( Finance and HR)
Email Id:Sowmyareddy18687@gmail.com
Teaching Experience (in Years)6 Years in Teaching
Education Information : I) MBA from Bhoj Reddy Engineering College for Women under JNTUH
II) B.Com from Spoorthy Degree College under OU
Area of SpecializationFinance and HR
Subjects handledi) Financial Accountancy
ii) Financial Management
iii) Business Law and Regulations
iv) Strategic Management
v) Cost and Management Accountancy
vi) Managerial Economics and Finnacial Accountancy
vii) Management Science
viii) Managerial Economics
ix) Business Environment
x) Strategic Human Resource Management
Conference / Seminars
1. FDP on Innovated Training Technology in Management Education at (CVSR)
2. A Two Day Faculty Development Programme on Various Perspectives Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology Ghatkesar.
Projects Guided: Nearly 80 MBA Projects
Email Idyvijaykumar5@gmail.com
Teaching Experience6 months
Educational InformationI) MBA from Nalla Narasimha Reddy group of Institutions under JNTUH

II) B.Com from Osmania University, Hyderabad
Area Of SpecializationFinance and Marketing
Subjects HandledI) Financial Accounting

II) Managerial Economics
 Jalender passphoto
QualificationMBA, B.Sc(Microbiology)
Teaching Experience6.0 Yrs
Education InformationI) MBA from JNTUH.
Area of SpecializationFinance & Marketing
Subjects handledI) Financial Accounting and Analysis

II) Financial Management

III) Strategic Management Accounting

IV) Strategic Investment & Financial Decisions

V) Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions

VI) Production and Operations Management

VII) Management Science

VIII) Research Methodology and statistical Analysis

IX) Management of Technology
Papers/ Conferences /
Seminars attended
National Conference-2
FDP’s2 FDP’s
QualificationMBA, PGDITM
Teaching Experience7.5 Yrs
Education InformationI) MBA from Osmania University

II) PGDITM from Badruka Institute of Management Studies
Affiliated to All India Management Association (AIMA),
Area of Specialization HRM and Marketing
Subjects handledI) Management and Organizational Behaviour

II) Human Resource Management

III) Training and Development

IV) Marketing Management
Parampara 2015
Irrigation Systems Ltd Visit
Industrial Visit – Hindu Press
Industrial Visit – Coca-Cola
Industrial Visit – Amrutanjan
Counselling Code
NNRG Counselling Code
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