School of Management Sciences

Course Structure


I Year – I Semester

S.NoSubject Name
1Management And Organisational
2Business Laws & Business Environment
3Managerial Economics
4Financial Accounting & Analysis
5Statistics For Management
6Open Elective

I) Cross Culture Management
II) Wto & Ipr
III) Total Quality Management
IV) Project Management
7Statistical Data Analysis - Lab
8Business Communication- Seminar

I Year – II Semester

S.NoSubject Name
1Human Resource Management
2Marketing Management
3Financial Management
4Quantitative Analysis For Business
5Mis & Erp
6Open Elective

I) Foreign Trade
II) Banking,Insurance & Risk Management
III) Logistics & Supply Chain Management
IV) Msme Management
V) E-commerce

7Annual Report Analysis - Lab
8Summer Internship - Seminar

II Year – I Semester

S.NoSubject Name
1Production & Operations Management
2Strategic Management
3Research Methdology
4Elective I
5Elective II
6Elective III
7Personal Effectiveness - Seminar
8Business Best Practices And Success
Stories Of Emerging Leaders - Seminar

II Year – II Semester

S.NoSubject Name
2Management Of Technology
3Elective IV
4Elective V
5Elective VI
6Pre Submission Of Project –Seminar
7Comprehensive Viva


S.No Subject Name
1Marketing Electives

I)Consumer Behaviour

II)Sales And Distribution

III)Integrat`ed Marketing Communications

IV)Retailing Management

V)Services Marketing

VI)International Marketing
2Finance Electives

I)Strategic Management Accounting

II)Security Analysis And Portfolio Management

III) Financial Institutions, Markets & Services

IV)Strategic Investment And Financing Decisions

V)International Financial Management

VI)Financial Derivatives
3Systems Electives

I)Business Intelligence

II)Database Management Systems

III) Decision Support Systems


V)Knowledge Management

VI)Information Systems, Control And Audit

I Year – I Semester


S.NoSubject Name
1          Management Fundamentals
2          Business Laws & Regulations
3          Financial Accounting & Analysis
4          Managerial Economics
5          Business Environment
6          Research Methodology & Statistical Analysis
7          Statistical Data Analysis - Practical
8          Business Communication- Practical

I Year – II Semester


S.NoSubject Name
1          Human Resource Management
2          Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions
3          Financial Management
4          Management Information system
5          Marketing Management
6          Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
7          Personal Effectiveness - Seminar
8          Annual Report Analysis - Seminar

II Year – I Semester


S.NoSubject Name
1          Summer Internship- Seminar
2          Production & Operation Management
3          Strategic Management
4          Organizational Behaviour
5          Business Best Practices – Seminar
6          Elective 1
7          Elective 2
8          Elective 3

II Year – II Semester


S.NoSubject Name
1          Entrepreneurship
2          Elective 4
3          Elective 5
4          Elective 6
5          Success Story of an Entrepreneur-
6           Main Project Work
Stage-I Research Methodology for the Main Project Work &
Collection of Main Project Related Data from CMIE Prowess
DATABASE or any source, or Data collected from the field-

7          Stage-II Statistical Analysis of Main project data using either
Excel, SPSS, MINI TAB, or R- Seminar Presentation


Marketing ElectivesConsumer Behavior
Sales and Distribution
Integrated Marketing
Retailing Management
Services Marketing
International Marketing
Finance ElectivesCost & Management Accounting
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Financial Institutions, Markets &Services
Strategic Investment and
Financing Decisions
International Financial Management
Financial Derivatives
HR ElectivesPerformance Management
Training and Development
Management of Industrial Relations
Compensation & Reward
Management of Change
Systems ElectivesBusiness Intelligence
Enterprise Resource Planning
Decision Support System
Cyber Security
Information System Control and
Parampara 2015
Irrigation Systems Ltd Visit
Industrial Visit – Hindu Press
Industrial Visit – Coca-Cola
Industrial Visit – Amrutanjan
Counselling Code
NNRG Counselling Code
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