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School of Pharmacy

About School of Pharmacy1

About School of Pharmacy

The seeds were sown in 2009 for School of pharmacy and it is offering the fruits of success to hundreds of pharmacy graduates and post-graduates. The mantra for career for sure.

pharmacy dept Faculty

SOP Faculty

The School of pharmacy faculty are highly talented and experienced and they provide the academic topics in an easy to understand manner to the students, to make them proficient.

pharna academic calander

Academic Plan

We provide academic calendars to the students, so that they stay tuned with the academic events and proceedings. All School of Pharmacy activities are conducted according to these calendars.

civil alumni

SOP Alumni

The School of pharmacy alumni perform impeccable role in making the students knowledgeable about the present traits in the market, which earns excellent experience to the students.

2. Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

To produce effective global health care professionals with excellent knowledge in Pharmaceutical Sciences to make and serve quality medicines to the society.

pharma outcomes



The program outcomes of the pharmacy course define the careers of these graduates, and since they earn expertise in the crucial aspects, they surge forward in their lives with triumph.

Pharmacy Events

SOP Events

The events organized by School of pharmacy provide the students with excellent chances to learn about various aspects, and gain practice in them by indulging in hands-on experience.


Dean Profile

Prof. Krishna Mohan Chinnala is the Dean of School of pharmacy, and he has 15 years of experience in education sector, during which he had provided services in different job roles.

Pharmacy Labs

SOP Labs

The labs of School of pharmacy elude exceptional facilities and tools for the students, so that they can perform the academic experiments and research work for various projects.

pharma achievements

Student Achievements

The achievements earned by the lecturers and students of pharmacy are a matter of pride for NNRG, since our name flourish in the educational circles due to these accomplishments.

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