PEO's, PO's, PSO's

PEO's, PO's, PSO's

Render the services to the public, for improving their health and well-being.

Implement the knowledge of the foundational sciences, like social, behavioral, pharmaceutical, etc., and treat the patients effectively.

Explain the effects of the drugs by analyzing the scientific literature, so that the public is offered with excellent treatments to curb the therapeutic issues.

Provide patient centric treatment, where the entire health history is evaluated, and the required drugs are formulated to treat the health issues.

Perform research on various medical aspects and life sciences. The output data or information is useful in providing high quality treatments for the people.

Solve the health issues effectively, by using excellent strategies and viable solutions.

Communicate seamlessly. It is very important because the communication skills are necessary to understand the health issues of the patients, and provide accurate treatments. Also, they are helpful to assure the patients about the possible health regains.

Work as teams, to conduct medical research, or work in accordance with other departments to achieve impeccable patient care.

Be professionals, since they elude the sense of responsibility, which is expected by the health care providers, patients and society.

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