Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Program Outcomes

The students who undertake mechanical engineering are able to

Gain expertise in the mechanical engineering concepts and aspects, and use them in the real time projects at the workplace.

Understand the implementation and use the basic principles of science, mathematics and engineering.

Design and manufacture the mechanical engineering products by taking the realistic aspects into consideration. The conditions related to economic, political and social subjects can pose a strong impact on the products, and hence they have to be created by complying with these aspects. Also, the designs should be safe for the health of the public, and the graduates are able to design and produce the mechanical products within the limits of these realistic constraints.

Understand the present issues, and implement different techniques related to the mechanical engineering, to overcome these issues effectively.

Understand the essence of team work, and indulge in it efficiently. They can tackle the work of their teammates, if they are unable to cope up with the schedules, and complete the task in order to prevent any delays in the project submission.

Talk and communicate indigenously with the clients and other staff. This improves the performance of the mechanical graduates and they will serve the clients better.

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Aero Glider Workshop
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