MBA Career Prospects

These graduates will have huge career prospects, since MBA professionals are needed for all companies.

The graduates can get administrative job roles, which are on top of the line, and they can run the entire companies. Due to the innate leading and administrative skills in the MBA students, they can carry out these job roles with aplomb.

They are excellent for the management job posts, and they are usually preferred for the manager roles. Since they have the talent to manage the available resources excellently, they are the perfect fit for these job roles.

The MBA students can act as fine HR managers, and help the companies by recruiting the talented workforce. They are experienced in detecting the highly skilled people, and recruit them for the benefit of the companies.

They are good in marketing, since they are knowledgeable about the presentation techniques for making sales. They can convince the customers, and make them buy the products or services. Hence they are very good in the marketing department.

These professionals can render services as accounts managers, and they maintain the accounts of every company. Due to the stringent norms, these records have to be maintained carefully, and this job is done expertly by the MBA professionals.

There are many other suitable job roles for the MBA graduates, and hence the career prospects are huge for them.

Career Opportunities for MBA’s

Banking jobs as liabilities manager, Transaction Manager, Cards Manager, Relationship Manager, Finance Manager, Information Systems, Underwriter for Investment Bank, Management Consulter, Data Analyst, Equity Manager, Business Development Executive, Marketing & Sales Executive, Ad Sales Executive,HR Recruiter, Entrepreneur Management Trainee, Process Associate, Stock Brokers and  Many More.

MBA Career statistics

20% of MBA graduates enjoy successful careers within Multi National companies

9% in healthcare.

9% in public service.

5% in energy.

5% in the consumer goods sector.

20% Banking Sector

10% Manufacturing

20% Marketing

2% Others

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