Program Outcomes

A range of program outcomes are observed in the H&S students. After the course, they are capable of

Understanding and implementing the basic principles and fundamentals of mathematics and science.

Understanding the traits of engineering, and using the necessary techniques to follow the subjects and gain expertise in them.

Perform the basic experiments, and achieve the results.

Excellent oral and writing skills, due to the provision of English workshop in the course. They are provided with different kinds of coaching, so that they become perfect in the communication skills. It is even needed to understand the academic subjects, and present the knowledge effectively in the examinations.

Good understanding of the electrical concepts and aspects. They are proficient in the basics of electrical subjects, and use this knowledge to understand the advanced topics in the further years of graduation. Also, they are able to understand the electrical connections, and indulge in the basic practical sessions.

Know about the basic electronics devices and connections, and implement them effectively in the remaining graduation course.

Attaining knowledge about the basic theoretical and practical mechanical engineering aspects, due to the availability of mechanical workshop.

Achieving excellency in drawing, due to the engineering drawing workshop, and basic computers and programming knowledge, due to the comprehensive coaching in the computer labs and classroom sessions.

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