Electronics & Communication Engineering

Program Outcomes

By getting the ECE degree, the graduates can experience a plethora of program outcomes. They will be in a position to

Implement the basics and fundamentals of electronics engineering, science and mathematics.

Understand various electronic circuits and devices, and use them to achieve the desired results.

Interpret the aspects of digital signal processing, and use the information to implement in different electronics projects.

Create electronic products or services, by considering the realistic aspects, like demand, social, political and economics, and by respecting the safety and health of the public.

Understand the contemporary challenges, and take actions to overcome them. They use electronics and communications engineering to craft the required solutions, and implement them effectively.

Maintain the ethical and professional responsibilities, and design the products or services according to them.

Communicate effectively with the technical and non-technical people. The fluent communication skills are good for establishing excellent rapport within the team, and improve the productivity. It is also effective in understanding the client requirements, and providing impeccable customer satisfaction by carrying out the project effectively.

Get along and work efficiently in a team, and focus on improving the productivity of the firm. They can also manage the teammates’ tasks, and avoid any delays in project submissions, if the fellow workers are unable to handle the tasks for any reason.

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One-Day- Paripathana”-Circuit-Designing
One Day Workshop hands On Training
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