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C Programming Lab

Objective :

 To write programs in C to solve the problems.

 To implement linear data structures such as lists, stacks, queues.

 To implement simple searching and sorting methods.

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IT workshop Lab

Objective :

The IT Workshop for engineers is a training lab course which include training on PC Hardware, Internet & World Wide Web and productivity tools including Word, Excel and Power Point.

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Data Structures Lab

Objective :

 To Write and execute programs in C++ to solve problems using data structures such as arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, hash tables and search trees.

 To write and execute write programs in C++ to implement various sorting and  Searching methods.

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Objective :

 To introduce java compiler and eclipse platform.

 To impart hand on experience with java programming.

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Database Management Systems Lab

Objective :

 This lab enables the students to practice the concepts learnt in the subject DBMS by developing a database for an example company named “Roadway Travels” whose description is as follows.

 The student is expected to practice the designing, developing and querying a database in the context of example database “ Roadway travels”.

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Operating Systems Lab

Objective :

 To use Linux operating system for study of operating system concepts.

 To write the code to implement and modify various concepts in operating systems using Linux.

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Objective :

 To understand basic components of computers.

 To understand the architecture and instruction sets, instruction formats and various addressing modes of 8086.

 To understand the representation of data at the machine level and how computations are performed at machine level.

To understand the memory organization and I/O organization.

 To understand the parallelism both in terms of single and multiple processors.

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Compiler Design Lab

Objective :

 To provide an understanding of the language translation peculiarities by designing a complete translator for a mini language.

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Case Tools and Web Technologies Lab

Objective :

 Understand how UML supports the entire OOAD process.

 Become familiar with all phases of OOAD.

 Understand different software testing tools and their features.

 To Enable the student to program web applications using the following technologies HTML, Javascript, AJAX, PHP, Tomcat Server, Servlets, JSP.

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LINUX Programming Lab

Objective :

 To write shell scripts to solve problems.

 To implement some standard Linux utilities such as ls, cp etc using system calls.

 To develop network – based applications using C.

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Data Warehousing and Mining Lab

Objective :

 Learn how to build a data warehouse and query it (using open source tools like Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics).

 Learn to perform data mining tasks using a data mining toolkit (such as open source WEKA).

 Understand the data sets and data preprocessing.

 Demonstrate classification, clustering and regression.

 Exercise the data mining techniques with varied input values for different parameters.

 To obtain practical experience using data mining techniques on real world data sets.

 Emphasize hands-on experience working with all real data sets.

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Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Lab


Web Services Lab

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