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Computer Science & Engineering

About CSE Department

About CSE Department

The CSE department was established in 2009, and it has performed exceptionally well in producing fine computer graduates. The effective  programs at our college are key for the remarkable transformation of the students.

cse Faculty

Department Faculty

Our faculty are talented and diligent, and they are proficient in the impeccable teaching ways, which can enlighten the students to the core.

academic calander nnrg

Academic Plan

All the activities of the CSE department are organized according to the academic plan proposed by us, on the lines of the academic planning issued by the JNTUH University.


Why CSE Course @ NNRG Group

At NNRG, fine teaching skills and sophisticated infrastructure are provided for the students, to assist them in gaining perfection in the subject and turn them into excellent computer engineers.

cse achievements

Department Achievements

Due to their talent and our support, the students are able to showcase their fine skills in many events, across the national and international arenas, and secured various achievements, which have fostered us across the globe.

notice board nnrg

Notice Board

The CSE department’s notice board is maintained to provide the students with the required information regarding the departmental activities. They are required to follow the notice board regularly to stay updated.

cse vision

Vision & Mission

We emphasize on improving the computer skills of the students, prepare them to compete in the global arena. They are provided with the required software and hardware training.


PEO’s, PO’s, PSO’s

The CSE program is highly beneficial for the students, since it casts excellent outcomes, which can place them in reputed global companies.


Computer Laboratory

The labs of CSE are given special preference, since they should be upgraded regularly according to the market standards. We excel in this aspect, and provide advanced infrastructure in the labs.

research and publications cse

Research & Publications

We support the students in their quest to do research work on a wide variety of topics. In fact, we encourage them to take part in the prestigious publication events, and get the research works published.


Department Placements

The department organizes campus placements, which provide incredible opportunities for the students to secure good jobs in the campus itself. Many MNCs and renowned national companies take part in it.


CSE Department Blog

Our department’s blog is a fine source of valuable information regarding the Computer Science and Engineering aspects. It offers comprehensive knowledge to the readers about the core concepts of computers.

Dr. K. Rameshwaraiah

HOD Profile

The CSE department is headed by Dr. K. Rameshwaraiah, who has an immaculate experience of 12 years in teaching. His specialization is Software Engineering. 

cse course structure

Course Structure

Our CSE department follows the course structure proposed by the JNTUH University. B.Tech course is offered for 4 years and M.Tech for 2 years, to make the students highly knowledgeable.

career prospects cse

CSE Career Prospects

CSE applications are very wide, and the solutions are required for any company to run in this modern era. This requirement provides the graduates with excellent career prospects.

CSE Events

Department Events

Various events are organized by the CSE department, which are targeted to improve the practical skills of the students like seminars, technical fests, paper presentations, etc. are known to increase the skills by leaps and bounds.

civil alumni

Department Alumni

The alumni plays a key role in providing expert assistance to the students, based on their own experiences, and this offers our students with the glimpses of real time conditions.

cse-contact us

Department Contact

You have the provision to contact us in case of any queries. The contact details of the respective person are provided, and you can ask him/her about your doubts.

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