Civil Engineering

Civil Program Outcomes

The civil engineering features a range of positive outcomes in the graduates, enabling them to face the corporate world and various job role with aplomb. The civil graduates are ready to

Implement the fundamentals and principles of mathematics, civil engineering and science in the civil projects, and achieve the required results.

Use the concepts and aspects of civil engineering in the advanced studies or workplace, to focus effectively on the tasks, and achieve good output.

Think practically, and construct the products which are compatible with the realistic conditions. Factors such as politics, economics, etc. play a crucial role in the real time usage of the products, and complying with them can make the products useful and successful in the market.

Face the prevalent issues of the civil industry, and use various techniques to overcome the odds, and create excellent prospects for the firms.

Offer consultation services for construction, which elude high quality and charge competitive fee. They can provide the customers with commendable physical structures, like houses, apartments, etc.

Build bridges, roads, rail tracks, dams, etc., by keeping the safety of the public at priority.

Indulge in excellent communication with the colleagues and clients.

Work in teams, to maximize the firm’s efficiency and productivity.

Metro Project Financial Status
Pranahitha chevalla lift irrigation Bhuvanagiri
Workshops on Analysis & Design of Structures
Workshops Structural engineering concepts
Counselling Code
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