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Civil Engineering

about civil department

About Civil Department

Civil engineering was started in 2010 at NNRG, and it has garnered excellent response from the students from then. The department is well rounded with all the facilities and expertise.


Department Faculty

The civil department’s faculty have the required expertise and experience to present the core civil aspects in a simple to understand way to the students, leading to their excellence.

academic calendars

Academic Plan

We use the academic planning issued by the university to prepare our own academic calendars, which are required for the students to follow the academic activities of the department.

Why Civil Course @ NNRG Group

Why Civil Course @ NNRG Group

NNRG is renowned for the high quality educational services it provides. By joining civil course in our college, the students can get excellent theoretical and practical coaching.

cse achievements

Department Achievements

The phenomenal department achievements, earned due to the civil staff and students, are a pride for us, since they are achieved in the prestigious events conducted throughout the globe.

civil alumni

Department Alumni

Alumni is the strength of any college, and we are no different. They provide valuable inputs to the students for their academics and a supportive hand to the civil department.

civil-contact us

Department Contact

Call or email us, in case you seek clarifications about any aspects related to the department. We have provided the phone number and email ID of the respective contact person.

civil vision mission

Vision & Mission

We focus on the imminent training of graduates, which turns them into excellent civil engineers, whose ingenious works are assets to the industry, thereby building immaculate careers.

Civil Labs

Civil Labs

Pursuing civil engineering is only possible by indulging in the practical sessions at the laboratories. The students should practice by working with our sophisticated lab equipment.

civil program outcomes

Civil Program Outcomes

The civil program outcomes are very strong, and they display the worthiness of the civil graduates in the real time scenario, since they are trained with all the related aspects.

Civil Research & Publications

Research & Publications

Research work and publicatons is very important for the students to improve their knowledge and practical skills. Hence we support our students to participate in them and earn some publications.


Department Placements

The civil students are offered with campus placements, and they can use these chances to build their careers right from the campus premises. These are excellent prospects for sure.

Civil Notice Board

Notice Board

The events to organize, news, and other information are provided to the civil students by using the notice board. It is an excellent medium for us to notify the proceedings to them.


HOD Profile

Dr. G. Subba Rao is the HOD of civil department, and he has impressive educational qualifications and expertise. He got MPhil (Hyderology) and M.Sc (Geology) degrees under his belt.


Course Structure

The course structure we follow for the civil department is based on the course plan proposed by JNTUH. All the academic topics are spread evenly over the entire course tenure.

Civil career prospects

Civil Career Prospects

The career prospects of civil engineering  department are excellent, and they can literally turn the fortunes of the graduates. There are numerous job roles and consultancy options for them.

Civil Events

Department Events

Civil department conducts numerous events for the graduate students and they are very beneficial to them. The core and communication skills are improved by participating in them.


Department Collaborations

We bear associations with numerous organizations, which play an important role in the research projects of our students, by providing them with the finances and technical assistance.


Civil Department Blog

The blog of civil department is setup with the sole aim to provide excellent information about civil engineering to the readers. All articles in the blog are created by the students.

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