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The School of Pharmacy had emerged in 2009, and amassed an incredible reputation for the provision of high quality educational services to the graduate and post-graduate students. Numerous talented professionals have passed out from our campus, and they have proved to be a boon for the pharmaceutical industry.

We strive to impart pharmaceutical skills to our students, by resorting to highly focused, in-depth and adaptive coaching. The incredible teaching expertise and amenities at our college ensure that they are provided with the finest of hands on experience. Our emphasis on maintaining eminently skilled teaching staff and sophisticated infrastructure has led to the overwhelming successes of our students.

The innate skills of our lecturers are evident in the coherent explanation of topics in the classroom, so that the students can interpret and understand the subjects magnificently. All the aspects of pharmaceutical sciences are explained by them, and any apprehensions of the students are cleared then and there. Due to this sterling coaching, our pharmacy students earn perfection in the core aspects, which is required for them to propel in the careers.

The amenities offered in our campus too, play a pivotal role in the prosperity of the students. The special care we take on the upkeep of laboratories, enable them to participate in a wide variety of experiments, which boost their academic performances as well. Due to this impeccable practical experience, they can understand the industrial requirements, and offer highly valuable services to the pharmaceutical firms. The commencement of colossal research activities in the campus, lends its hand in shaping up the students to meet the criteria in the real time conditions.

On the top of providing classroom and practical coaching, we conduct different programs for the skill development of the students. Various skills are required to sustain the strong competition in the market, along with the stellar performance in the academics. Therefore, we organize the respective events for the students, which focus on elevating their communication skills, soft skills, etc. The exclusive coaching for earning jobs in the campus placements is also offered at our college.

This dedicated training has resulted in 100% placement rate in our college, Many prestigious companies of national and multinational companies offer exquisite job roles for our students. In addition to these events, we are also conducting guidance programs for the pioneer educational courses, like GPAT, NIPER, TOFEL, PGECET and TSPSC examinations.

By entering the School of Pharmacy at NNRG, the students can experience paramount levels of education, which can lead to a spellbound future for them.

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